"It goes on soooo smooth! It feels so good to wear foundation that's good for your skin and body! However, my face shines but I'm okay with that! I will purchase again and tell other women about this foundation. Thank you for creating healthy cosmetics!" ☺ - Tonya

"I love this foundation! It matches my skin tone almost perfectly and I have gotten compliments saying that it looks like I have nothing on! I look forward to buying more of this!" - Maya

"I like the Foxy Finish Mineral Crème Foundation because it makes me look like I have flawless skin. Some people think I don’t have any makeup on. Just recently I went out to see a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time and they were amazed about how my skin looked like it was glowing. I was so happy I told them where I purchased my makeup from. I will be purchasing more.This is the only foundation that I use."
​- Erica

"I love that this foundation blends in so seamlessly with my complexion, effortlessly hides my imperfections and most importantly is toxin free. It feels so good on my skin, doesn't cake and looks very natural. It is a much better color match than the foundation that I was using previously as well. I'm converting to a completely green beauty regimen and finding natural makeup has proven to be a challenge. " - Javi

"This is honestly the best foundation I've ever used! Thank you!" - Darcy

"I recently started experimenting with makeup and this was the only foundation that did not leave my skin feeling irritated. I have recommended this foundation to all my peers and family members. Thank you so much!" - Juanita

“This product is beautiful. It spreads across the skin evenly while applying with a brush or sponge. It’s light texture allows the skin to breathe; however, its full coverage. The product is true to color and blends nicely (for those of us that are more than one skin tone) with additional shades in this product line. I would compare it to Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. Great product. Would recommend to my clients.” - Chastity

"This is the FIRST time in my LIFE, I have EVER worn ANY foundation, daily. It truly is a testament to what it does for acne prone skin. Because my skin is so very sensitive, there isn't much I can wear.​" - Concetra

"Thank you for making such wonderful and healthy foundation for women of color. I really love the staying power as well. I'm afraid to run out!" - Dania

​"First, shipping was awesome. I love the way the foundation felt, it went on natural, smooth and just felt light and looked super natural. The only take-away was really my fault, I ordered my color for the winter versus my summer skin tone which has more of a reddish undertone. So I had to mix it. But Law of Nature is now my go to for foundation." - Devin

"I purchased the foxy finish mineral satin creme and loose powder and I am extremely satisfied with the color that Jasmine recommended in maple. It matches my complexion to a tee and makes it flawless. It’s extremely light weight but the coverage is perfect. Thanks to everyone at Laws of Nature I can finally wear safe foundation, worry free after not being able to wear it for about the last 8 years because of breakouts and very sensitive skin. Thank you so much Jasmine!!" - Sheila

"I absolutely positively LOVE this foundation. The match is spot on for me and it doesn’t irritate my acne prone skin. If you don’t have it, get yours now. The only con was I wish the bottle was bigger because I’m scared I’m going to run fast of this amazing foundation, but it’s worth every penny. So, go get yours!" - Na’ilah

"This is my go-to foundation! The reason why is because the skin like appearance it creates. I also love how buildable the foundation is. I get asked whenever I wear it “how did I get my skin so flawless?” of course I tell them I didn’t and that I am wearing an all-natural foundation that is healthy for your skin and non-toxic. They ask what the brand is and I tell them to search for Laws of Nature Cosmetics online and that it’s their stick foundation." - Malika



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