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Set and Go Duo
Set and Go Duo

A curated set featuring our Foxy Finish™ Mineral Loose Setting Powder and our latex-free Blending Sponge.  

Shade Guide

Deep - Suitable for shades Espresso, Narobi, and Mahogany

Medium Deep - Suitable for shades Cocoa, Ebony, Umber, and Chestnut

Medium Neutral - Suitable for shades Maple, Pecan, and Hazel 

Medium ("Banana") - Suitable for shades Bronze, Amber, Almond, and Sienna

Golden Light - Suitable for shades Wheat, Shell, Oat, Sandstone, and Honey

Translucent - Suitable for Bisque and all shades

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Set and Go Duo
Set and Go Duo