Our Story

I am the Founder of Laws of Nature Cosmetics®, an organic and natural mineral foundation line for Women of Color. After receiving the news that my mother had metastatic Breast Cancer in 2007, I wanted to learn more about the disease. Through research, various sources revealed that there is a strong link between certain chemicals such as parabens, mercury, lead, and talc in cosmetics, environmental factors, and instances of developing Breast Cancer.
At the time, I started to examine my beauty and dietary habits and decided to adopt a natural lifestyle. During this transition, I had difficulty finding a safe, natural foundation suitable for my skin tone and type from many brands.
After years of frustration, I started experimenting with cosmetic recipes in my kitchen. Once I found the perfect match and formula for myself, I figured other Women of Color shared the same struggle.

In 2015, I decided to launch the brand to provide Women of Color with a non-toxic mineral foundation formulated with high-performance botanical ingredients designed to nourish the skin while providing coverage.

Be Well,